Be gorgeous! Be electric! Be rock n roll! 

Oooh, hello again! What a crazy few months it’s been! I’ve plenty of adventures to blog about v. soon, but first I thought I’d share a little video I made yesterday.

Over here at Georgie Rose Photos I’m obsessed with makin’ n creatin’. From hand-printing photographs in the darkroom, to hand-stamping envelopes and thank-you notes for my couples, I take every opportunity to make something unique. So I made a little video out of my most recent creations…The Feel-Good Luggage Tag Family.

Which luggage tag will you pick, I wonder?

If you’re interested in hearing more about booking me for your wedding, drop me a line and I’ll send a little piece of crafty goodness to you. You can bet every single letter was personally stamped by yours truly! So check out the video, be electric…and above all, be happy!

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