Sev & Adam’s Animated Wedding Video

When I was 10 years old, my parents joined an English Civil War re-enactment society called The Sealed Knot. Even as a ten year old I was sceptical…I mean, history is boring and dressing up is silly. Or so I thought, until I arrived for my first “muster” (re-enacted battle). It was January. It was up north in Nantwich. And there was snow on the ground. Ouch. But as my dad drove our dilapidated Maestro into the car-park, a theatre of 17th Century costumes opened before me, and I was hit by the excitement that makes you un-clip your seatbelt and kneel on the car seat to see better.
Being part of a regiment is a bit like being part of a sports team, or a band, or a church…everyone pulls together to help each other out. If your car gets stuck in the mud, everyone rolls up their sleeves and pushes you out. If your tent starts leaking, someone will be able to fix it/lend you a spare one/let you sleep in the corner of their awning. And if your 10-year old daughter needs a costume at her first muster, there’ll be something for her to wear in a big, wood-smoky hessian sack in the back of someone’s car. So there I was with my Mum, getting dressed-up in a little 17th Century woollen dress. And a hat. And some little desert boots. All from a wood-smoky hessian sack from the back of Mick Parker’s car.

But what does this have to do with Sev, Adam, and an animated wedding video?! Well, as we marched out to battle in January 1644/1994, I found myself marching alongside a cheeky 8-year old chap called Adam. He was the most bonkers kid I’d ever met, and I wanted to be his friend. Before long, he was the person I knelt on the car seat to look for every time we arrived in a field for a muster. Together, we had the freedom to climb trees, explore ancient buildings, and walk out to shipwrecks on Scottish coastlines. And when we hung out at home, we made animations (courtesy of a camcorder my mum won in a supermarket competition). They were bloomin’ hilarious little shorts, made with free toys from cereal boxes, plasticine and Barbies. Not forgetting the shower scrunchie wrapped in a shower cap to look like an iceberg for ‘Titanic’. Nothing stopped us!

So, when Adam announced he was engaged to Sev, and wanted me to photograph their wedding, I didn’t hesitate for a second. In fact, I still get teary thinking about how much it means to me that I still have this amazing friend in my life, (and now his awesome wife too), and that I got to document their big day, 20 years after our first meeting.

But photographing the occasion wasn’t enough. As we were all going on holiday together for the wedding day, I wanted to capture the fun of the whole week. And what better way to document it than making an animation?

So here it is, Sev & Adam’s wedding week in Cyprus shot as a timelapse, or stop-frame animation, by yours truly - Georgie Rose Photos…

Watch it in HD here

The most beautiful wedding portrait I’ve ever seen…

Often, after a long day at work, and a late evening commuting across the city, the last thing you need is a stranger striking up a long conversation. But Doreen was 4ft 9, 80 years old, and wanted to tell me about the time she met the Queen, and about her late husband.

So we walked really slowly, in the opposite direction to my home, and she showed me her wedding photo in its frame when she got to her door. It was the most beautiful wedding portrait I’ve ever seen! What an inspiring way to end my day! Thanks Doreen!

Be gorgeous! Be electric! Be rock n roll! 

Oooh, hello again! What a crazy few months it’s been! I’ve plenty of adventures to blog about v. soon, but first I thought I’d share a little video I made yesterday.

Over here at Georgie Rose Photos I’m obsessed with makin’ n creatin’. From hand-printing photographs in the darkroom, to hand-stamping envelopes and thank-you notes for my couples, I take every opportunity to make something unique. So I made a little video out of my most recent creations…The Feel-Good Luggage Tag Family.

Which luggage tag will you pick, I wonder?

If you’re interested in hearing more about booking me for your wedding, drop me a line and I’ll send a little piece of crafty goodness to you. You can bet every single letter was personally stamped by yours truly! So check out the video, be electric…and above all, be happy!

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