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Being in love is the most magical treat. You can't explain why, but your special someone makes you melt without even being in the room. And marrying them just feels so right... *excited sigh*

If you feel like this, then I want to meet you. I want to capture those precious moments as you commit to a lifetime of love, sharing and giggles. 

I love working with couples whose weddings reflect who they are and their amazerousness. Have you picked the flowers from your Nan's garden? Hired the Village Hall because the worn floor boards remind you of your first ballet lessons, or hand-stitched every piece of bunting? Lovely! DIY makes me gleeful! 

My style is relaxed, discreet and creative. I love to capture the laughs, the hugs, the eye-dabbing, and the kids being silly. 
I also love to shoot creative portraits of the bride and groom, and seek out the little details scattered around and about. Whether you're getting married in a church, a beach pagoda, a barn, or a tree-house, I'll capture your story detail by detail.

And what about me? I'm an adventurer who will go anywhere and everywhere with my camera in my hand. I'll snowboard, drive a quad bike, cycle 100 miles round a lake or wade into the sea if it means grabbing a great shot! I eat, sleep and even dream photography, so I'll no doubt be wearing 10 vintage cameras round my neck when we meet.

I'm also addicted to roadtrips, the seaside, my record player, word-play, old junk and costume dramas. I hand-print my own photography in the darkroom, and have been known to print forgotten rolls of strangers' holiday snaps. Then I make up stories about their lives. Because I like stories...happy ones, like yours.

So come and have a natter with me. There's not much I don't get enthusiastic about...I find everything magical...especially weddings!

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